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My mission is to help you realize your dreams for change.

This is the part where I get to make a bold statement about how I create engaging, persuasive, and compelling content that increases my clients' reach and impact. But everyone says that, right? Simply put, I help changemakers and social enterprises carry out their most important work.


Words are powerful.

Before your newest client decided to work with you, before you even had a company, you had the raw material of language. With words, you formed the concepts that would materialize into an actual business. You even transmitted your message into the minds of your team and in the memories of your audience.

When you think back on all the people you've impacted so far, the experiences you've helped create, and the mission you and like minds have rallied around - all of it started when you found the right words and shared them.

Words can inspire minds, unify teams, and build new realities - especially with my help. I specialize in all the fundamentals of a thriving online business: web copy, blog posts, thought leadership pieces, emails, social posts, and the all-important marketing message.

Your message should not just inform but also engage, challenge, and resonate with the people you most want to serve. My writing is clear, concise, and compelling. Here I've found my sweet spot so that you can work from yours.

Quick Stats

  • Five years of experience as a full-time, professional copywriter and content writer.

  • A background in higher education and non-profit.

  • Experienced marketer and event coordinator.

  • I support LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs.

  • Studied art history in university (Pieter Bruegel the Elder and David Blackwood are two all-time favourites).

  • Currently reading Sister, Outsider by Audre Lorde.

  • My top recommended book on the craft of writing is On Writing Well by William Zinsser.

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What Clients Are Saying


Febbie Shikongo
Author & Entrepreneur

I was highly impressed with Amy's professionalism, consultation and attention to detail. Her feedback was exceptional. Amy’s service will be an invaluable addition to any project.


Noah Mugenyi
Registered Psychotherapist, Author & Speaker

I can’t think of a better person than Amy to have brought clarity to my writing.


Athena Taddei
President & CEO, Little Fish Big Pond Inc.

Amy has a knack for taking seemingly boring, complicated topics and making them accessible and relevant to the intended audience.


Purposeful, Adaptable, Inclusive, and Driven by Curiosity

Small, purposeful businesses are my favourite type of client. Nothing inspires me quite like people who've deeply aligned their values with their work to effect social change.

My job as a writer is to be deeply curious about my clients, adaptable in my writing style, and quick on the uptake on all things related to their industry.

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