Too much work, not enough time? I know how you feel.

You’re busy running your business. You need high-quality content for your website, blog, or clients. I can help.

I am a content marketing writer.

I’ve helped companies like yours boost their web traffic by as much as 500% and increase their number of leads by over 180% within three months. As of this year (2017), I hold Content Marketing Certification from Hubspot Academy. I’ve also been an avid blogger since 2008.

I help companies grow their business in three key areas.
Which do you need help with?

  • Improved Online Visibility

    Content marketing is known to increase brand awareness through improved site ratings and significantly increased web traffic. I use blog posts, ghostwritten articles, infographics, and social media to attract visitors to your website. This includes a content calendar and promotion plan to ensure that content reaches your ideal customers.

  • Better Lead Generation

    A 2017 Hubspot report found that 54% more leads are generated by inbound than by outbound marketing. I can help you turn web visitors into prospective customers with sharper, stronger web copy, lead-generating PDFs, white papers, and informational ebooks.

  • More sales

    Having a lead-nurturing process will not only help you retain the leads you capture, but also bring in larger purchases from those customers. I help nurture your relationship with leads through compelling landing pages, targeted email campaigns, and winning sales copy.

My process is simple.

Here’s what you can expect when working with me:

  1. I’ll schedule an initial call or meeting to discuss your business goals, budget, existing website/marketing materials, target audience, brand, and expectations for this project.
  2. I’ll then draft a proposal that maps out the project scope and content services to meet your unique business goals. This will include rates, payment schedule, and my working terms and conditions. We can make any necessary adjustments before signing.
  3. I always work with a content or deadline calendar. This includes when you can expect to receive the final draft for approval before it’s published and promoted.
  4. To ensure every piece I write is the best it can be, my work involves a process of strategy, research, drafting, editing, and fact-checking before it’s sent for final approval.
  5. I might have more questions for you along the way. Expect me to occasionally request additional material or ask questions. I do this to ensure the highest possible quality and accuracy of your content.

Let’s work together.

You don’t have to feel in over your head. And, you don’t have to waste valuable time with freelancers who miss deadlines. You can have the quality of content that earns the respect and trust of your customers.

Ready to take the next step?