Hi there.

I’m Amy and I help brands build their online presence, nurture leads, and grow their customer base with exceptional content.
If you’re like most of my customers, you’re a high-achiever with a passion and compelling purpose driving what you do.

But maybe you’re experiencing one or more of these common pain points:

  • You’ve had a website and social media channels for a while, but no one seems to be paying attention
  • You’ve got a small team that frankly doesn’t have time to put into marketing copy, keyword research, content strategy, blogging, promotion and social media
  • Your creative team is carrying a full workload and the need for more content is only getting bigger
  • You’re tired of hiring freelancers who miss deadlines, don’t understand marketing, or lack a style and tone that fits your brand

If that’s you, then you’ve come to the right place.

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I know how hard it is to find your customers and get their attention in an overcrowded market. Over the last few years I’ve helped businesses and entrepreneurs gain new customers online with compelling content and copywriting. And with well-crafted, informative content, they’ve drawn visitors to their website and have the tools they need to start converting browsers into loyal buyers.

Why I’m A Writer

I have passion to create, learn, and help people. I love freelance writing because it lets me do all three. Writing helps me think clearly and makes me happy. I’m fascinated by the capacity of written words to inspire, persuade, and quickly establish trust. I love the challenge of presenting dull or complex subjects in fascinating and immediately accessible ways. I run a couple blogs on here for businesses and freelancers who want to grow professionally and earn more income. I’ve been blogging since 2008.

Here are the key values and principles that guide how I operate:

  • Transparency

    I keep an open book with clients on delivery dates and project management.

  • Location-Independent

    Whichever end of the ocean you’re on, we can work together.

  • Learning

    I am a Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer and a Certified Hubspot expert. Constant improvement through research and education is how I stay fresh in the rapidly-evolving world of marketing.

  • Growth

    While I take pride in my work, some constructive criticism won’t ruffle my feathers. In fact, I’ll ask for it.

  • Solution-Oriented Approach

    I’m here to help you solve your company’s most pressing issues so you can reach your business goals.

  • Cross-Discipline Competence

    Content is my core strength, and I also bring a breadth of knowledge in research, UX, social media channels, SEO/SEM, and analytics in my toolkit.

  • Project-Based Pricing

    I charge by output, not time or effort. This helps me work quickly and efficiently with minimal revisions, and helps my clients know exactly where their money will go.

Ready to get started?