Hello, stranger.
I’m Amy Francis. Here’s a little bit about me:

On days I’m writing you’ll find me in my most comfortable pair of shorts and t-shirt (the coy writer’s version of underwear), curling up with a cup of ice cold water and my12 by 20 inch desktop for a cold hard writing session. Brrr.

Actually, I don’t curl up when I work. And I tend not to answer the door. And I like coffee but too many other bloggers reference it.

On my off days, I’m working 9-5 like an average person, trying to get it together and find the courage to follow my ambitions. I have 400,000 intellectual interests that I try to mostly ignore so I can do grown-up fun things like sip wine, bike around the city, cry into pillows, make Buddha bowls, laugh from the gut, dance like a grandma, and be the least athletic person at the gym.

The things I can’t ignore, I will write about here…for as long as small talk is still a thing people do.

Of what things do I write, you ask? Watch closely, my child, and I will make you a list:

  • Writing hacks
  • Knowing yourself better
  • Physical, psychological and spiritual health
  • Creativity and productivity
  • Spirituality

But if there’s one objective I have for this blog, it would actually be a two-fold objective:
I want this blog to help writers hone two crafts: the craft of writing and the craft of doing the inner work that makes us great writers.

As your guide, my qualifications include: willingness to learn; a team player; will work for likes.

Also, I’m a professional writer with an educational background in Christian spirituality and an obsession with Myers-Briggs and the Enneagram. So my whole life has led to this blog.

I’m on a journey of writing-mastery, awareness and growth. I invite you to join me, learn what you need to learn, and realize you’re not the only one struggling and failing and searching. Let’s be human together.
I hope this blog is helpful to you.

– Amy